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One afternoon, the women in our family were chatting about the link between food and wellness, and how in our shared Eastern European traditions, both functional and nutritional health are highly prioritized. We discussed that our ancestors didn’t partake in fad diets, cleanses, or detoxes. Rather, they maximized Earth’s resources (and their own intuition) to optimally nourish and sustain themselves, an idea that we felt had been forgotten over time. The chat got us thinking about ways to bring this aspect of our heritage to a wider audience.

In the process, we also delved deep into food and wellness wisdom from around the world, and learned that every culture has ancient knowledge to contribute. From the dietary principles of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine to the health-enhancing properties of Korean kimchi and Levantine za’atar, there is a wealth of tried-and-true nutritional customs etched in cultural identities, passed down for the betterment of future generations. To harmonize these culinary traditions for modern lifestyles, we established Laroot, a subscription-based meal-delivery service dedicated to organic, freshly prepared heritage dishes that provide comprehensive nutritive value and a culturally immersive experience.

The name “Laroot” speaks to the roots that connect all of us as human beings, who are worthy of benefiting not only from nature’s abundance, but also from the traditional healing arts and culinary customs that sustained our forebears. We hope you’ll join Laroot as we work to strengthen the inextricable bond between ourselves and everything that Mother Earth has offered us.


Our Roots & Guiding Principles

Laroot is on a mission to build bridges through food, making the world a healthier and more connected place. That means doing good for you, the Earth, and local communities every step of the way.

Nutritional Wisdom

Our ancestors planted the seeds of modern nutrition. It’s our goal to nurture these ideas to help them grow and flourish. Laroot unites ancient holistic traditions that prioritize well-being and vitality, Ayurvedic, homeopathic, Traditional Chinese, and Western medicine.

Cultural Discovery

Food is a window into culture. Every meal is an opportunity to connect to an ancestral heritage and gain a deeper appreciation for the world at large. Our diverse menu, with dishes originating from five continents, is your passport to rich experiences and vibrant new flavors.

Transparent Sustainability

The Earth is what we all have in common. Our zero-waste process is thoughtfully designed to support our planet for generations to come. We responsibly source local ingredients, use compostable and reusable packaging, and donate surplus food to ensure it never goes to waste.

Our recipes and culinary practices are built on knowledge that spans thousands of years. We incorporate the teachings of four schools ofworld medicine, Eastern European traditions, and Blue Zone food philosophies.

Why Laroot Passport?


Our easy online ordering process brings freshly prepared meals right to your door.


Ingredients are sourced directly from local farmers’ markets and purveyors. Leftover food from our kitchens is donated to community refrigerators.


Each menu is customizable for your specific dietary needs, whether you’re flexitarian, carnitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan.

Loyalty Rewards

Passport subscribers enjoy exclusive pricing, tastings, educational programming, and other surprises.

“Laroot is such a refreshing take on weekly meals—so nice to try new cuisines that are both healthy and convenient!”

Sid Banthiya
DTC Advisor/Investor

The Route

A dedicated passageway to the people, places, flavors, and experiences that inspire us.

The Three Sisters