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Week of April 3

Foundations Menu

A savory three-day journey that transports from the Spanish Middle Ages with salmon escabeche, stops in Ethiopia for a collard-green salad with teff grain, and ends on the Korean Peninsula with an antioxidant carrot soup.

  • The KC Soup & Japchae

    The KC Soup & Japchae

    This naturally sweet soup with notes of ginger and orange harnesses the antioxidant power of cooked Korean carrots, which have a higher bioavailability of beta-carotene than raw ones.
  • Princess of Addis Ababa

    Princess of Addis Ababa

    This collard-green salad with kale, cherry tomato, and roasted squash gets boosts of protein, calcium, and iron from teff, a super grain native to Ethiopia.
  • Ukrainian Borscht

    Ukrainian Borscht

    With roots in 14th-century Ukraine, our ruby-red beetroot soup teems with fiber and folate, and imparts subtle tanginess and sourness from organic beef-bone broth.
  • The Three Sister Stew

    The Three Sister Stew

    A good many Native American tribes subsisted on a sacred trio of crops—corn, beans, and squash, known as “The Three Sisters”—that were planted together to grow synergistically. Our protein- and vitamin-rich stew incorporates these crops as well as local, seasonal vegetables and antibacterial spices like turmeric and Aleppo.
  • Kingston Chicken

    Kingston Chicken

    Born from a unification of African and Taíno culinary techniques, "jerk" traditionally refers to spicy, slow-smoked meat that has been seasoned with a marinade including, but not limited to, Scotch bonnet peppers, allspice, garlic, and vinegar.
  • Flamenco Escabeche

    Flamenco Escabeche

    Rich in protein, omega-3s, and probiotics, this dish of vinegar-marinated salmon and seasonal vegetables was first popularized during the Spanish Middle Ages.
Week of April 10

Narratives Menu

A six-meal experience that, for us, is partly personal: our daikon fish soup, packed with vitamin C and omega-3s, was inspired by a broth that was served to us in the home of a dear friend. This menu also features a black-chickpea kala chana masala (emblematic of our Ayurvedic principles) and a tagine of free-range chicken and figs.

  • Moroccan Tagine

    Moroccan Tagine

    Seasoned with turmeric, saffron, ginger, and sumac, our interpretation of the nourishing Moroccan stew features free-range chicken, which provides lean protein; figs, for fiber and blood-sugar regulation; and green olives, to boost the vitamin E and antioxidant contents.
  • Tierra Alta Salad

    Tierra Alta Salad

    Laroot’s stuffed cassava croquette draws inspiration from a traditional Highland Ecuadorian dish called llapingachos—fried potato pancakes filled with cheese, scallions, and spices. Emblematic of the city of Ambato, where the modern version of the dish was developed, llapingachos actually have pre-Columbian roots (the word “llapin” is Kichwa for “to smash”).
  • Cozy Tuesday Daal

    Cozy Tuesday Daal

    Our version of the classic Ayurvedic comfort dish is based on high-fiber black chickpeas and split red lentils, which are stewed with locally grown acorn squash and seasoned with a house-made Muchi curry of antibacterial turmeric, coconut milk, and cumin.
  • The High Italian

    The High Italian

    Our Genoese-style pesto—sweet, herbaceous, nutty, and a bit salty—is tossed with fiber-rich, gluten-free brown-rice rigatoni, sun-dried tomatoes, crisp arugula, and hemp seeds, the last of which provide complete protein, B vitamins, omega-3s, and omega-6s.
  • At Home in Japan

    At Home in Japan

    Inspired by a radish-based broth that was served to us in the home of a Japanese friend, this aromatic soup sees our daikon broth, packed with vitamin C and flavored with lemongrass and turmeric, poured over locally caught striped bass, which provides satiating protein and heart-healthy omega-3s.
  • The Jetsetter’s Falafel Salad

    The Jetsetter’s Falafel Salad

    A medley of Mediterranean influences, this bowl of Tunisian harissa-spiced carrots, Palestinian-inspired falafel, and Lebanese tahini dressing provides ample servings of vegan protein, fiber, and vitamin A.
Week of April 17

Origins Menu

This menu includes an Ikarian-inspired aubergine-and-halloumi bake that was developed according to nutritional wisdom from Blue Zones—parts of the world where people have uncommonly long life spans and low rates of chronic disease. A Malaysian fish curry made with local haddock and an aromatic vegan pho make appearances as well.

  • The Village Golabki

    The Village Golabki

    Our vegan interpretation of stuffed cabbage, a Polish heritage dish with Ashkenazi roots, uses a filling of paprika-spiced lentils and sweet potato as a meat alternative.
  • The Resistance Pho & The Acceptance Roll

    The Resistance Pho & The Acceptance Roll

    Our vegan version of traditional pho, a soup symbolic of Vietnamese national pride, features gluten-free rice noodles, high-protein tofu, and potassium-rich mushrooms simmered in an aromatic broth of vegetable stock, cinnamon, star anise, clove, and coriander.
  • Las Enchiladas Enamoradas

    Las Enchiladas Enamoradas

    Dressed-up tortillas have Mayan roots that date back 4,000 years. Our contemporary take on enchiladas sees gluten-free corn tortillas filled with peppery free-range chicken, potassium-rich delicata squash, and flavonoid-high black beans. A spicy adobo-tomato sauce is then poured on top.
  • The Nowruz Āsh

    The Nowruz Āsh

    Our gluten- and dairy-free interpretation of this thick bean soup, which is traditionally eaten on Nowruz, the Persian New Year, includes cannellini beans and green lentils for protein, fiber, and B vitamins, plus spinach and herbs like cilantro, parsley, dill, and mint for an increased phytochemical profile.
  • The Ikarian Lunch

    The Ikarian Lunch

    Inspired by a recipe from the Greek island of Ikaria—a Blue Zone, where people routinely live into their nineties—this comforting bake of polyphenol-rich eggplant and high-tryptophan halloumi cheese makes for a vegetarian lunch with blood-sugar-regulating and stress-relieving properties.
  • Kari Malay

    Kari Malay

    High in protein, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C, our take on Malaysian curry makes use of locally caught haddock. The fish is marinated in an aromatic spice blend with Indian, Arab, and Chinese influences, then bathed in a flavorful curry sauce made with coconut milk, cumin, and mustard seeds.
Week of April 24

Traditions Menu

A mostly vegetarian menu that comprises a detoxifying, mushroom-based soup that adheres to the dietary principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Syrian-inspired stuffed mushrooms for a selenium boost; and gluten-free Singaporean street noodles tossed with a bouquet of nutrient-rich vegetables.

  • The Singapore Stir Fry

    The Singapore Stir Fry

    Our vegan version of the popular stir-fry, which actually originated in Hong Kong, stars gluten-free soba noodles and a bouquet of nutrient-rich vegetables like broccoli, carrots, bok choy, and mushrooms. The ingredients are suffused with a sweet-salty-spicy mix of tamari, mirin, ginger, chili, and sesame oil.
  • The TCM Soup

    The TCM Soup

    The dish that best captures our conformance to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our herbal soup of Shaoxing wine, shiitake and beech mushrooms, Chinese yam, lily bulbs, ginseng, and goji berries has all the makings for an immunity-boosting, hormone-balancing lunch.
  • Sunset in Tbilisi

    Sunset in Tbilisi

    Taking inspiration from the Georgian diet, which is one of the most nutrient-rich on the planet, these tangy vegan rolls are wrapped with sliced zucchini, a superfood that promotes healthy digestion, and are filled with an antioxidant-dense blend of tomato, red bell pepper, and kalamata olive.
  • South African Curry

    South African Curry

    Echoing the complex multicultural influences of South African cuisine, this high-antioxidant curry of braised tomatoes and potatoes is bathed in a richly seasoned sauce of garlic, clove, turmeric, ginger, mango chutney, Fresno chile, and cilantro.
  • Ajiaco Colombiano

    Ajiaco Colombiano

    Derived from a dish that was introduced to us by a friend from Bogotá, our vitamin-rich recipe for this Colombian soup features free-range chicken, potato medallions, spinach, corn, and guascas simmered in an immunity-boosting broth.
  • The Syrian Shrooms

    The Syrian Shrooms

    Inspired by traditional Syrian recipes for mahshi (stuffed vegetables), these thick portobello caps, rich in selenium and antioxidants, are stuffed with a tangy, garlicky blend of shallot, leek, feta, and quinoa, a fiber-rich alternative to rice.