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In collaboration  with our esteemed medical advisors from both Eastern and Western traditions, Laroot has created a specialized menu which caters  to the crucial nutritional requirements  of mothers in the postpartum period.

We’ve talked to many new mothers and have recognized a deep need for tailored nourishment in this delicate stage of life, often called the fourth trimester. In this beautiful and overwhelming time, women might struggle to meet their nutritional needs. We’re here to ease that burden, so a woman can spend her precious time focusing on what matters most to her. 

New mothers will receive our regular menu of 3 lunches and 3 dinners for Monday to Wednesday, and our postpartum package, which includes three days' worth of breakfasts, healing broths, and energizing snacks to keep you going through the day. Below is  description of what’s included in this Laroot delivery. We know that it takes a village, so you don’t have to do it all alone. Whether for yourself or for that new mom in your life, our postpartum package is an ideal way to help moms find ease in their lives. 


A delightful yogurt parfait blending cow’s or coconut milk yogurt with fresh fruit from the farm and house-made nut granola, as well as a black chia seed pudding made from the perfect combination of turmeric, coconut milk, almonds, and fresh fruit. These breakfasts combine essential healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates to set you up for a successful day. 

Bone Broths:

The ideal way to enjoy bone broth is from a mug as if it was a cup of tea, to warm up your body with restorative anti-inflammatory goodness. Collagen and Glycine, found in our bone broths, support  a happy gut, hydrated joints, and a strong immune system. They also help with muscle repair and improved sleep, two key elements in the months postpartum. We include Roasted Chicken, Oxtail, and Daikon broths in this package.

Afternoon Snacks:

Our Apricot Walnut Cornbread is a nutritious treat to satiate those midday cravings for energy, that stabilizes blood sugar and positively impacts  the recovery process. This package will also include a container of Jujube Dates, known for replenishing and nourishing the blood, thus improving blood circulation, and for having lactation-supporting micronutrients like iron, calcium, and magnesium.