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Today's Menu

Each of our dishes is inspired by ancient culinary traditions from around the world and prepared with 100% organic ingredients.

  • Tierra Alta Salad
    Wednesday Lunch | Ecuador

    Tierra Alta Salad

    Laroot’s stuffed cassava croquette draws inspiration from a traditional Highland Ecuadorian dish called llapingachos—fried potato pancakes filled with cheese, scallions, and spices. Emblematic of the city of Ambato, where the modern version of the dish was developed, llapingachos actually have pre-Columbian roots (the word “llapin” is Kichwa for “to smash”).
  • Princess of Addis Ababa
    Tuesday Lunch | Ethiopia

    Princess of Addis Ababa

    This collard-green salad with kale, cherry tomato, and roasted squash gets boosts of protein, calcium, and iron from teff, a super grain native to Ethiopia.
  • Flamenco Escabeche
    Monday Lunch | Spain

    Flamenco Escabeche

    Rich in protein, omega-3s, and probiotics, this dish of vinegar-marinated salmon and seasonal vegetables was first popularized during the Spanish Middle Ages.
  • Cozy Tuesday Daal
    Tuesday Dinner | India

    Cozy Tuesday Daal

    Our version of the classic Ayurvedic comfort dish is based on high-fiber black chickpeas and split red lentils, which are stewed with locally grown acorn squash and seasoned with a house-made Muchi curry of antibacterial turmeric, coconut milk, and cumin.
  • Moroccan Tagine
    Wednesday Dinner | Morocco

    Moroccan Tagine

    Seasoned with turmeric, saffron, ginger, and sumac, our interpretation of the nourishing Moroccan stew features free-range chicken, which provides lean protein; figs, for fiber and blood-sugar regulation; and green olives, to boost the vitamin E and antioxidant contents.